Dj Marrrtin

Команда: Funky Bijou & Lord Paramour

Graffiti artist since 1991 by the name of DEZER, Dj Marrrtin has been playing music since 1999. He is a Beatmaker, music producer and owner of the Stereophonk label. He is the other half of the groups 'Funky Bijou' with Deheb and 'Lord Paramour' with Ajax Tow. He has worked with artists such as, Atom from C2C, The Nubians, Robin Mckelle and Rasco.
He has released two solo albums in 2002 and 2007 and several MixCD's including Breakdance cd, old Bollywood mix and others.
In 2009 he collaborated with DJ Deheb to create the group FUNKY BIJOU and released Funky Bijou Vol. 1 & 2, music for boys. The third volume is to be released in October.
Their tracks have been played in big events like Redbull 2011 finals, R16, Boty, etc.
Dj Marrrtin has played in several events like, Bc one france, Uea, Battle of the Year, Chelles Battles Pro, etc. He has also played internationally at Australia, Indonesia, Dubai, Bombay, etc.

Soon to be released FUNKY BIJOU Vol. 3 produced by Marrrtin & Deheb on Stereophonk Records.

Источник - http://www.redbullbcone.com/en/b_boys/42342

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15 ноября 2015, Личности / Метки: Dj

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