Petair (Peter Sowinski)

B-Boy Petair (Reckless crew)

Родился: в 1986 г.
Занимается брейком: с 2000 г.
Откуда: Конитца, Польша
Команды: "Reckless", "Funk Fellas"
Девиз: Отдавать самое лучшее, что умею, чтобы поразить мир бибоинга моим стилем танца!

Петер Совински, больше известен как PetAir, родился в 1986 году к Конитце/Польша. С 2000 года стал заниматься би-боингом. В составе команд "Reckless Crew" и "Funk Fellas" он участвовал в батлах по брейкингу и многочисленных национальных международных шоу.

Peter Sowinski a.k.a PetAir is a well-known power-mover from Germany with very unique and distinctive moves.

In 1999, PetAir started to dance, after seeing the German B-Boy crew Flying Steps in a TV commercial had infected him with the B-Boy virus. He started to search his region for B-Boys to dance with and discovered the "Ruhrpottbattle Team" whom he started to practice with.

bboy Petair, бибой Петэйр

PetAir started practicing like a maniac. He practices about 6 times a week, 4 hours per day. His biggest dream was to join the "Ruhrpottbattle Team.” After 3 years of hard training, his dream came true. He became a member of the crew, but only 2 weeks later, the crew disbanded. Peter then met B-Boys Yujeen and Kuya and started practicing with them. They became close friends.

After being in the scene for 4/5 years, B-Boying had become PetAirs true livestyle. It wasn’t a hobby or a sport, it was everything. He still went to school, but all he could ever think about was B-Boying.

PetAir and his friends established the crew "Reckless.” Reckless became his family. They spend all their free time together, train together, live together, party together and cry together.

бибой Petair фриз на пальце фото

In 2007/08, he started finding his very own style of B-Boying. He was inspired by many people all over the world, but he realized, that the only way to become inimitable was to create unique personality in his way of dancing.

“I am thinking about creating new original stuff every day and I want to impact the B-Boy scene in a positive way. I went through a lot of injuries and pain, but I promise, I will give my best to impress the world of B-Boying with my style of dance every day.” - PetAir

Канал Petair на Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/PetAirRC

Источник - http://www.redbullbcone.com/en/b_boys/petair
фото - Maurice Meijs / Red Bull Content Pool

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