Танцует: с 2001 г.
Девиз: Равенство, Честность, Свобода
Команда: Bandits

- 2012 1st place
Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2012

- 2013 1st place
Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2013

- 2013 1st place
Red Bull BC One Western Europe Finals 2013

Roman Gorskiy aka Froz, was born in Moscow (Soviet Union), on August 25, 1985. When he was 8, he moved to Italy, near Bari, in 1993 for his father’s job. During those years, he practiced many sports, like basketball and tennis, and at the end, karate, where he obtained 1° Dan black-belt. This sport with its energy, focus and moves probably marked his style for the rest of his life.

In January 2001, Froz developed an interest in B-Boying after watching Bomfunk MC's “Freestyler” music video. He started practicing and his passion constantly grew from there. After finishing his training in accounting, he moved to Milan. Pursuing his dream, he finally was able to turn B-Boying into a career.

In 2004, Froz became a member of Bandits crew, with whom he won many national events. He also won several one-on-one battles, taking part by invitation in Outlaw, for example, and coming in fourth place amongst 16 B-Boys from all over the world.

He was one of the dancers for the Breil Tribe Jewelry commercial and also danced for the Italian singer Alexia in the music video “Da grande”. He also danced for MTV Kids’ Choice Awards 2008.

Froz teaches Breaking in different dance schools in Milan, spreading B-Boy culture, doing workshops and shows all around Italy, enabling him to hand down the passion to the next generation.

He is owner and administrator of the biggest Italian breaking site,http://www.bboyworld.it.

Froz thinks that the Italian B-Boy scene has reached other countries’ levels and is still growing. Compared to many others countries, he feels, Italian B-Boys are even stronger and more competitive.

His style is a mix between power moves and tricks, combined with toprocks and footwork to make the rounds as complete as possible. One of the first moves he learned was a vertical freeze. Freezes were simple to Froz, and it’s due to that fact that he chose his B-Boy name.

Soul Control’s Eric was one of Froz’s earliest inspiration, then came Crumbs and Moy. He is inspired also by family, his friends and by all the things that impress him in everyday life. Froz also tried his hand at Hip Hop arts beyond the dance, like rapping, scratching and writing graffiti. Graffiti is his favorite.

In Froz’s opinion, Red Bull BC One is a competition that enables B-Boys to compare themselves with dancers from all over the world. He saw the battle videos for the first time in 2004 and was really impressed.

“Red Bull BC One is on one hand the most commercial and on the other the most important event. Radical B-Boys criticize it for the commercial side, but they don’t realize that Red Bull BC One gives an opportunity to so many dancers to join the competition thanks to Wild Cards and the qualifying battles in every corner of the world,” he says. “Red Bull BC One changed the B-Boy scene, giving to dancers a dream they can make come true and to everyone else an amazing event to watch in which the best B-Boys are put into play.”

Froz’ biggest dream was to win Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher. He made that dream come true, not once but twice. By winning the Western European Finals in Naples in September he gained himself a spot in at the World Final in Seoul.

Источник - http://www.redbullbcone.com/en/b_boys/froz

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