Бибой Гравити (Miguel Rosario)

Танцует: с 2005 г.
Откуда: Нью-Йорк, США
Команды: 5 Crew Dynasty, Fresh Descendants
Девиз: Если вы всегда делаете то, что всегда делали, то вы будете там, где всегда и были.

бибой Gravity, Гравити фото


2008 1st place New Hope, California USA
2008 1st place Circles 9, 4-on-4, Virginia, USA
2009 1st place Circles 10, 4-on-4, Virginia, USA
2009 1st place Kings of NY, New York, USA
2010 1st place Unbreakable, solo, USA
2010 2nd place The Break Off 1-on-1, Maryland, USA
2010 2nd place Who Can Roast the Most? 2-on-2, New York, USA
2010 1st place UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 7 to smoke
2013 1st place IBE 2013 Seven 2 Smoke Day
2013 1st place Red Bull BC North American Finals
2013 Participant, Red Bull BC One South Korea World Final 2013
2014 2nd place Red Bull BC One North America Final
2014 Participant, Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014, Paris


Miguel Rosario, aka B-Boy Gravity, hails from Brooklyn, New York. He has a dynamic, acrobatic style and is definitely not a typical NYC B-Boy. He is known for powerful flips and crazy energy. Miguel started B-Boying in 2005. He states that before he started breaking, he used to be a troublemaker, hanging out with the wrong crowd and always fighting. B-Boying provided a new challenge, something he knew would take a lifetime to master.

Before he was a B-Boy, Gravity was a gymnast for 17 years. He started when he was only three years old and claims he inherited his talent from his parents, who were also gymnasts. He was a New York State champion in tumbling in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007. He took a year off in 2006 and stopped competing in that discipline altogether after 2007, since he wanted to focus on his B-Boy career.

In his first year in high school, Miguel met two B-Boys who, up to this day, have been his best friends. They showed him basic freezes and asked to see the flares he used to do as a gymnast and told him they were all wrong for B-Boy style. The guys ended up forming a Hip Hop crew named 5 Crew Dynasty, with the aim of representing all five elements of Hip Hop, knowledge being the fifth element. In 2007, two years after he started breaking, Gravity met the Dynamic Rockers at a practice spot in Harlem. They invited him to an event that Kid Glyde, of Dynamic Rockers, was organizing, called “B-Boy Massacre,” an event that only takes place on Friday the 13th. Until that point, B-Boying had only been a pastime for Gravity– something to release his energy– but that event opened his eyes.

“Once I saw the battles, the attitude, the unity, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of for the rest of my life! After that jam, he started hanging out with Kid Glyde, practicing with him," said Gravity. Kid Glyde continued to help him with his footwork and teach him technique. Gravity was invited by Dynamic Rockers more often, and in 2008 Kid Glyde asked him to join them in a 3-on-3 battle at an event called “Circles” in Virginia.

The New York style of B-Boying is traditional– basic, yet raw, and full of attitude and flavor. “My crew doesn’t follow the traditions of basics. We are more into stepping outside the box along with a few other B-Boys from New York. When people think New York, they think footwork and toprock and battles, of course. A New York B-Boy is brought up battling. Some of the most dangerous underground B-Boys have massive footwork and crazy toprock, but Dynamic Rockers and 5 Crew bring in the big moves. New York creates its own style! " Gravity adds of his local scene.

When asked who gave him his B-Boy name Gravity says, “Believe it or not, I got my name from my mom! She thought it fit me and so did everyone else.” Although Miguel’s family loves Hip Hop, they weren’t always happy about his career choice. They weren’t sure what it would lead to. But by now, they support him. He's now a full-time father and runs a 5,500 square foot training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides B-Boying, Miguel races cars. He also does a little bit of graffiti, but only pursues that part of Hip Hop as a pass time when he's not dancing. Miguel celebrates his Hispanic background, so cooking and dancing salsa are a must! “If the music fits, I would always incorporate salsa into B-Boying,” he says.

Gravity compares the feeling right before a battle to the feeling before getting into a fight. “That’s why I always have my chin up. When you are in a battle, the adrenalin is pumping and you have the opportunity to put all of your years of hard work into a 30 second round!” Gravity has been a Red Bull BC One World Finalist in 2010 (Tokyo), 2013 (Seoul) and 2014 (Paris)

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