Бибой Клежу (Tomasz Kuliś)

Откуда: Краков, Польша
Начал танцевать: с 2002 г.
Сайт: http://bboykleju.com/

фото бибой Kleju, Кледжу

Tomasz Kuliś aka BBOY KLEJU is a lively, lissom guy. He is a very original Bboy, skilled in swift and special footwork, but also has very particular power moves and a bold battle style. He has a dynamic flow and the music really is the key in his dance.

KLEJU started breaking at the beginning of 2002 in Krakow, the biggest city in the south of Poland. After few years, he’s now a well-known B-Boy on the international scene. He started breaking because even as a child he always loved to watch dancing. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in breaking. I was born a B-Boy!”.

Kleju is a member of bboy Crews Polskee Flavour and Funky Masons. He battles, judges, performs in theatre and street shows, and teaches workshops all around the world. KLEJU enjoys having an audience. He really likes the feeling that something he does is interesting to others. After having performed in front of an audience literally a thousand times, he feels very comfortable and isn’t nervous anymore, not even in big battles. “I love to battle. It’s so much energy. Sometimes I get a little too crazy, but nervous? No way!”.

Tomasz feels that traveling is one of the best parts of his B-Boy life. He has traveled to almost every country in Europe, but also to Japan, Russia, Korea, New York, California, Florida and even to Israel, all because of breaking.

Musicality sure helps with dancing and KLEJU plays the drums and the guitar and also used to play the violin when he was a child. He just loves music and you will seldom see him without his IPod. He also loves to take pictures and videos while travelling.

Next to Holland, the B-Boy scene in Poland is considered to be the freshest and most innovative in Europe at the moment. There are lots of events, many of them international. Poland also has great DJs, MCs and graffiti artists. The scene is growing rapidly.

Kleju is also one of the organizers and leaders of youth bboy and bgirl dance camps named “Catch The Flava”. More info about the camps at www.catchtheflava.com.

KLEJU feels that Hip Hop culture teaches peace to the world. “With Hip Hop many kids in gangs in New York City found a different means to battle and settle their differences. Peace, unity, love and having fun! This is the message of our culture.”

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2 ноября 2015, Личности

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