B-Boy Kapu (Ronielson da Silva Araujo)

Откуда: Рио-де-Жанейро, Бразилия
Команда: Amazon Crew


- 2007, 1st place, Batalha Amapá, Brazil
- 2007, 2nd place, Battle of the Year, Brazil
- 2007, 1st place, Dança Pará, Brazil
- 2008, 1st place, Batalha Amapá, Brazil
- 2008, 2nd place, Battle of the Year, Brazil
- 2009, 1st place, Batalha no Sertão, Brazil
- 2009, 1st place, Hip Hop no Meio do Mundo, Brazil
- 2009, 1st place, The Kingz of Power Moves, Brazil
- 2009, 1st place, Encontros de culturas urbanas, French Guyana
- 2009, 1st place, Battle of the Year, Brazil
- 2015, 2nd place, Red Bull BC One Brazil Cypher 2015


бибой Капу из Бразилии

Brazilian B-Boy Ronielson da Silva Araujo, aka B-Boy Kapu, was a newcomer to the Red Bull BC One Circuit in 2014. Still in his early 20s, he’s has hardly left Brazil for battles yet. Kapu is a great power mover, but this fresh talent impresses judges and the audience alike with his complexity. Coming from a background in capoeira, he integrates that know-how into his dance. He has an extremely acrobatic style and wows anyone who watches him with double somersaults and double back-flips. He’s has a strong personality, is extremely confident and is a fearless a fighter.In 2002, Kapu saw a B-Boy performance in his school and was totally impressed. He could easily relate because of his roots in capoeira and gymnastics and he absolutely loved the dance aspect that breaking integrated into the base knowledge he already owned. He was eager to learn and started practicing with the friends in his neighborhood. A B-Boy from Bélen gave Kapu his B-Boy name. One day while he was dancing without shoes, the influence of capoeira showed so strongly in his toprock that the name “Kapu” was born.

The Hip Hop scene in Brazil is growing fast and Brazilian dancers are known to have a special something, that Brazilian “ginga” that distinguishes them from other B-Boys. Ginga is an almost indefinable, mystical quality of movement and attitude possessed only by Brazilians that is evident in everything they do.

“Your roots are important. You need to remember where you’re coming from and integrate your heritage into your dance,” says Kapu. “I don’t like it at all when Brazilian B-Boys try to just dance like the next breaker. We need originality and our own Brazilian identity.”

Kapu’s family didn’t back up his dance ambitions in the beginning, but when they saw him in a TV show, they changed their minds. Today, even though he has hardly ever left the country, Kapu manages to make a living through dance. He gives workshops, judges championships and makes some money battling and performing.

Kapu can’t think of any other way he wants to live his life than dancing. He dreams of becoming part of B-Boy history, of creating that one extraordinary move and being recognized worldwide. Competing in Red Bull BC One is a big step on the way to fulfilling his dreams.

бибой Kapu на Red Bull BC One Бразилия

“I never expected to get the chance to battle in the Red Bull BC One so fast! But as I always say in my workshops—everything is possible if you have faith in yourself and work hard,” he says.

For Kapu, Hip Hop is more than just a pastime. It’s his life. He adds: “Hip Hop is a great culture. It gives you so many creative outlets. You can paint, dance, make music, rhyme, rap or beatbox. There is something for everyone. You can express your feelings, grow, learn, teach, make friends and if you’re working hard, you can even get a career out of it. It’s a culture where you get respect and recognition for being yourself, for inventing yourself, being different and taking it one step further.”

Источник – http://www.redbullbcone.com/en/b_boys/kapu

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